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Brīvības gatve 372, Rīga
P.-Pk.10:00 – 21:00
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Phone number: +371 27700776

Online shopping is fast and convenient, but sometimes you want to see, touch and receive what you need right after payment, so there is a Vitamins.lv store in Riga, with a wide range of sports nutrition, vegan products, functional food, low-calorie food supplements, organic BIO products, customers' favorite LOHILO protein ice creams, functional collagen drinks, as well as much more.

In addition, we just like to meet you in person and give honest advice so that each of you gets exactly what you are looking for. The range of products on store shelves is constantly updated, so it is worth visiting us regularly to try something new.

Prices in Vitamins.lv stores are the same as in the online store, so you can be sure that on-site shopping will not cost you more and you will be able to use all the discounts and package offers that will be relevant in the online store at that time. We take into account that the offer of our online store is really huge, so it is not physically possible to fit the entire assortment in each of our stores.

The most popular and purchased goods are always available in stores on the spot, but if you are interested in something specific, then before going to the store, feel free to call us - we will inform you about the availability of goods on the shelves, so that your visit to us is not in vain. So that no one else can lift your favorite product from the nose while you are on your way to the store, you can probably book it for a couple of hours by calling the nearest Vitamins.lv store.

We look forward to seeing you!

But if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to write to us on social networks or to the e-mail address info@vitamins.lv Let's be happy to help!

Frequently asked questions

Do the prices in the store do not differ from the prices in the online store Vitamins.lv? 

Yes, prices do not differ, as well as all discounts and package offers are available both in the store and in the online store Vitamins.lv at any time. 

Can I use the Vitamins.lv discount code (from influencer, e-mail, etc.) in one of your stores? 

Discount codes that you receive online are valid only in the Vitamins.lv online store and, unfortunately, cannot be used in our stores. 

Can I make a reservation for a specific product to get it in the store? 

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a reservation without payment, however we will be happy to postpone the product for a couple of hours if you plan to receive it that day. Just contact us by email or call one of the stores to clarify the information. 

How can I be sure that the product will be available when I arrive at the store? 

The inventory of our store is linked to our online store, so if the product is identified as available in stock, then it should also be available in our stores.  

If you are interested in a particular product, please contact us for security to make sure the product is indeed available. 

I placed an order with Vitamins.lv and chose to receive a free order in one of the stores. When can I receive my order? 

Please wait until you receive a confirmation email and text message (if selected as an option) confirming that your order is ready to be received in-store. 

I would like to leave feedback on the customer service experience in your store. How can I do that? 

Please send us an e-mail if you want to share a positive or negative experience in one of our stores. 

We consider ourselves a very, customer-oriented, company, so customer service is a very important part of our daily lives. 

We appreciate your feedback and guarantee that your email will be answered. 

Are you planning to open a Vitamins.lv store in my city or region? 

We do not plan to expand the store network in the near future. If you want us to be in one of the cities / counties, let us know.