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    In a world where there are so many opportunities to become stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed, sleep is a necessity. There are many reasons that the body needs to get adequate sleep, and it isn't just because an individual feels tired. Sleep allows the brain to take a break as well, repairing all of the different processes that it goes through during the day.Some people prefer to use pharmaceutical solutions, while others choose a natural path. Even if someone can go to sleep for the right number of hours every night, it doesn't mean the sleep is giving the user what they need.Natural supplements provide an array of helpful ingredients like magnesium, melatonin, and tryptophan, which are all helpful in regulating the sleep cycle. While some formulas are available as capsules, others are available as a powder or even in liquid form.
    11 products
    BalticVitamins Veselībai ZMA (120 tabletes)
    BalticVitamins Veselībai GABA 500 mg (90 kapsulas)
    BalticVitamins Veselībai Melatonīns 1 mg (90 kapsulas)
    BalticVitamins Enerģijai un atjaunošanai GABA pulveris (100 g)
    BalticVitamins Veselībai L-Triptofāns (60 g)
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    BalticVitamins Veselībai Magnija citrāts 600 mg (60 tabletes)
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