100% Hemp Protein Powder (1 kg)

100% Kaņepju olbaltumvielu pulveris (1 kg)  BalticVitamins.

100% Hemp Protein Powder (1 kg)

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100% of herbal origin

Health, prosperity, climate change and harmonious living in the world, encourage more and more people to choose herbal diet and related lifestyle. BalticvitaminIt is committed to helping to achieve every human fitness goals, regardless of whether the person assembles the vegan diet or simply examine other options How to pick up proteins.

Vegetarians and Vegans are taking everyday protein with herbal proteins from different types of food, soy, breakfast flakes, as well as nuts and beans. Although meals can be perfectly planned, which means very carefully to plan meals in the long run and make a variety of choices for a meal at the office or late dinner at home after a long working day. This is the moment when dietary supplements can help cover all the necessary proteins in everyday life and thanks

BalticVitamins that created BalticVitamins 100% Hemp Protein Powder (1 kg), You can quickly pick up a dose of full plant country protein.

Valuable Hemp powder!

For hemp seeds, which are more widely known as Cannabis sativa, possess a rich nutrient complex. They contain proteins, fiber and healthy fatty acids. That is why they are so widely used in the manufacture of functional food, organic body care products and nutritional supplements.

Prepared from raw hemp seeds,

BalticVitamins 100% Hemp Protein Powder (1 kg) Contains 52.4 g of easy recyclable herbal protein per 100g product. It contains all nine indispensable amino acids, which is the basis of cells: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, treonine and tryptophan. In addition, it contains a lot of fiber, which is 21g per 100g of product.

Protein- why they are so important?

People need a prominent amount of protein in a daily basis to ensure normal muscle mass maintenance and growth, which is not only aesthetic considerations, BER also to ensure their health and well-being.

Proteins are also an integral and important component of normal bone structure, which is a healthy and strong body based.


Many vegetables and breakfast flakes are a great source of protein. The cannabe among them stand out with the wealth of quality, biological values ​​and amino acid profile.

BalticVitamins 100% Hemp Protein Powder (1 kg) was designed to complement your daily protein in a very delicious and convenient way.

To whom it is appropriate?

100% hemp protein powder from

There is a high quality vegetarian source of protein that is suitable for anyone who stops active lifestyle and wants to increase the amount of protein in the diet.

Either you are athlete with a specific protein need, with a vegetarian or vegan diet or simply want to reduce the amount of animal products in their menu,

BalticVitamins 100% Hemp Protein Powder (1 kg) is a healthy, tasty and full-fledged source of protein.

Does not contain:

  • Genetically modified ingredients;
  • Aspartame;
  • Artificial dyes;
  • Preservatives;
  • Palm oil;
  • Added to sugar.

BalticVitamins 100% Hemp Protein Powder (1 kg) is awarded with multiple quality certificates without holding anything from the mystery.


  • Source of high quality vegetarian proteins
  • Prepared from industrialized cannabis seeds
  • A great alternative to animal nutritional supplements
  • Great amino acid profile
  • A high amount of fiber
  • Ideal for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Is recommended for use in athletes and physically active people
Nutrition Facts


100 g

Energy value

2031 kJ / 352 kcal


8.9 g

including saturated fatty acids

1.1 g


6.1 g

including sugars

5.2 g


19.1 g


52.4 g


0 g

Aminogram (per 100 g):


4.7 g


12.6 g


11.2 g


2.0 g

Glutamic acid

19.1 g


5.2 g


3.2 g


2.8 g


6.3 g


3.9 g


2.3 g


4.4 g


4.3 g


6.2 g


3.7 g


0.9 g


3.5 g


3.8 g


Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) seed protein (100%).


How to make

Add two cups (25g) 150-200ml a drink of water or vegetable origin in shaker and shaken components well. If you want to achieve a creamy consistency, add two cups of protein powder into a bowl and gradually add 30ml water or vegetable of the plant, churning it together.

Berry-hemp protein smoothie


  • 1 big banana
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berry
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 cup coconut milk (or other milk optional)
  • 2 tbsp. Cannabis protein powder

Mix all ingredients together in a blender to smooth consistency. Enjoy fruit smoothies that are pleasantly sweet and suitable for everyone.


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